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EurobondPlus provides access to the world of online trading, making global markets accessible

Key Areas

Most popular investment sectors

Stock markets

European stock exchanges The leading European stock exchanges are: London, Vienna, Warsaw.

Moscow Exchange calculates stock indices, bonds, mixed indices, as well as a number of indicators of the derivatives and foreign exchange markets

US Stock Market Its annual turnover reaches 40% of all trading operations carried out in the world. The main exchanges of America are NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX

Precious metals

Gold is the largest instrument of all precious metals. Often seen as a “safe haven” for investment

Silver has a high degree of volatility. Average annual fluctuations can reach all 60-70%. If silver enters a trend, it remains in it for weeks or even months

Platinum The price of platinum is almost twice the price of gold, but as gold grows, platinum usually begins to fall. Thus, we can say that the prices of these metals vary inversely with each other

  • a good way to start trading, as price shocks are practically excluded;
  • low transaction costs due to high volumes of liquidity;
  • a narrow list of factors affecting each specific currency pair;
  • tight dealing spreads.

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